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CMJ | 31 May 2012 | World Report

Jacqueline Sim reflects on her time spent as an elective student in the Psychiatry Department of Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, and on the problem of self-harm amongst young people.

CMJ | 10 Apr 2012 | World Report

As I stepped off the plane in Niamey, the dusty air caught the back of my throat and I began to cough. The hot sand blowing from the Sahara is one of the most certain features of the place, leaving the capital of Niger in a constant yellow hue. Another sad feature has been Niger’s lack of economic prospect - landlocked and with no substantial natural resources it remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

CMJ | 7 Dec 2011 | World Report

Sam Goodhand talks about his experiences as a patient whilst on elective in Brazil.

CMJ | 22 Nov 2011 | World Report
“On average, an emergency air ambulance takes off every 10 minutes in the UK, flying 365 days a year in daylight hours. Put another way, during every hour of every day 7 Air Ambulances are attending accidents and medical trauma.”
(Association of Air Ambulances, 2011) (1)
CMJ | 17 Sep 2011 | World Report

Reflections on seven weeks spent in a small Christian hospital Fatehpur in Northern India, where one of the many key health issues is the increasing prevalence of alcohol consumption.

CMJ | 9 Sep 2011 | World Report

Just been on elective? Got a few stories worth sharing?

Win a fine case of wine, with bottles from Australia, Italy and more...

CMJ | 24 Aug 2011 | World Report

When one begins medical school the prospect of an elective period, travelling and engaging in different cultures and medical practice is incredibly fascinating. I had always imagined going somewhere in the deepest darkest rainforest, living in a self-built residence constructed out of papaya leaves, mud and soil and basically ‘living it rough’ whilst engaging in some sort of primitive medicine without the comforts of the NHS.

CMJ | 8 Oct 2010 | World Report

KEY HEALTH ISSUE- The Dengue Epidemic

Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world, with an annual incidence of over 100 million infections (Malavige, 2006).

CMJ | 26 Sep 2010 | World Report

This article has been retracted from the CMJ with the author’s permission due to the presence of unattributed material.