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Please select the appropriate section for your article. If you are unsure having read the guidelines for the sections you think most relevant, feel free to contact the section head.

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The Original Articles section encompasses scientific papers, reports, reviews and audits, looking at new developments in fascinating areas of medicine. Articles in this section describe the latest research in a field and discuss how new advances have the potential to affect future clinical practice.

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The Perspectives section serves as a forum for you to present your personal views, ideas and opinions. The content of articles can range, for example, from speculative musings on the future direction of a field to ideas on the potential translational impact of research findings, from reflective articles on your own experiences to interviews describing the lives of others.

Submit to Clinical Cases

The Clinical Cases section encompasses interesting clinical cases and scenarios from all areas of medicine. Articles in this section encompass rare diagnoses, unusual presentations, important conditions and clinical dilemmas, and explore the crucial points they illustrate for students and clinicians.

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The Law and Ethics section covers all aspects of ethics and law as applied to medicine - from essays on bioethical theory to commentary on breaking legal developments.

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The Policy and Public Health section contains writing on all aspects of health policy and public health. ‘Fundamentals’ articles are informative and educational guides to key aspects of these two areas, whilst ‘Discussion’ articles provide balanced analysis and debate.

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The Media section encompasses pictures, video clips, audio files and other forms of media to inspire and educate. There are also monthly image challenges for viewers to test themselves with.

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The World Report section provides in-depth discussions and coverage of international health news and issues. It also includes elective reports, which focus on the experience of the individual and address significant health issues encountered during their elective placement.

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The news section covers all aspects of current medical developments both nationally and internationally. It includes interviews with experts, details of major scientific breakthroughs and opinion pieces on major medical news worldwide.